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Ever since Royal was a little boy, he wanted to raise sheep. He had goats, rabbits, and chickens, but just not sheep.


Sheep are one of his passions.


So it was natural, once he had his own family, that he would get his own farm, and start raising his own sheep and guardian dogs.  Moving to a bare piece of ground, covered with thorns, brush, and many trees, they started from scratch.  Building their own home, outbuildings, and clearing land has made their farm have a lot of family meaning.


Starting in 2014 they got their first 40 sheep, and their dogs, Lady and Shepherd.  Now they are up to 100 ewes and 175 lambs at their peak.  Their dogs had their first litter in 2015, and have had 3 litters so far.


Rotational grazing is an exciting feature of the Keller farm.  By doing so they are able to use less chemical wormers, have less parasites, and make better use of the land.


Come on out and take a look, and get yourself a furry friend or a few sheep!  You'll be inspired!

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